September 6, 2011

Third Promo Code

Third promo - 20% off any perfume with code perfume20. Good until Thursday, September 8th, at noon.

Troisième rabais - 20% sur parfums avec le code perfume20. Bon Jusqu'au jeudi, le 8 Septembre, à midi.

September 4, 2011

Second Promo Code

Second promo - 25% off any lotion, cream, and moisturizer with code soft25. Good until Tuesday, September 6th, at noon.

Deuxième rabais - 25% sur les crèmes hydratantes et avec le code soft25. Bon Jusqu'au mardi, le 6 Septembre, à midi.

September 2, 2011

First Promo Code

First code: polish15 for 15% off any of our nail polishes! (Includes those already discounted, such as OPI Burlesque, CG 'Tis the Season and the Nubar Mattes.)

Good until Sunday, September 4th, at noon.

Premier rabais - 15% de rabais sur les vernis à ongles avec le code polish15. Jusqu'à dimanche, le 4 septembre, à midi.

Week-long Labour Day sale!

We will be celebrating Labour Day, back-to-school and the last days of summer with a week-long sale spectacular! Every 2 days we will be adding a special promotion that will last 48 hours, so keep your eyes peeled on our site/blog/twitter/facebook. The first promo code will be going up shortly!


And we will be happy to combine shipping, so just shoot us an email if you'd like us to hold on to your package until the sales are all over.

Nous célébrerons la fête du Travail, le retour à l'école et les derniers jours de l'été avec une semaine de vente spectaculaire! Tous les deux jours, nous allons ajouter une promotion spéciale qui va durer 48 heures, alors prenez note de notre site/blog/Twitter/Facebook. Le premier code promo sera disponible sous peu!


Et nous serons heureux de combiner l'expédition, simplement envoyez nous un email.

August 12, 2011

Margarita Bloom now at Pretty Indulgent!

We are so delighted to be welcoming a selection of Margarita Bloom products to our shop. If you love vintage aesthetics and delicious scents, this is a line you can't miss sampling. We have a little bit of everything to try out:

Retro styling and bright, fresh, fruity fragrances...

Luxurious, rose-scented indulgences for bath and body, fit for a queen...

Spun-sugar and delicately floral, evocative of all that is lovely...

Deeper scents, darker woods...

And as a special welcome to this beautiful brand, please enjoy 10% off any Margarita Bloom item, with code welcomeMB (good until August 21st.)

July 17, 2011


It is absolutely gorgeous here in Montreal - so hot and sunny, you can almost forget we're in Canada.

We have some wonderful new collections, just right for this time of year, beginning with the very aptly-named Sunshine and Summertime series from Zoya:

Villainess is also spoiling us for the summer, with some returning favorites and a fresh new offering, as well as some extremely limited experimental runs.

Check out all the lovely new things on the New-Nouveautés page, or under the Summer-Été category. And if you're looking to stock up, we still have some fabulous deals!

June 7, 2011

New things!

In case you missed it, we had a fantastic debut from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab this past month: a gorgeous collection of Montreal-themed perfumes!


Song of Songs: Winter is Past
My beloved spoke and said to me,
Arise my fair one and come away
For, lo, the winter is past--
The rain is over and gone.

Hot ginger, sweet mint, bergamot,
clove, and cedarwood. Made with organic coconut milk, Tussah silk, sweet almond oil, & organic oats.

Song of Songs: Honey and Milk
Honey and milk are under thy tongue.
The scent of honeycomb, sweet cinnamon, cream, emmer, nutmeg, peppercorns, and barley. Made with local, organic honey, finely ground organic oats, fresh goat milk, and a swirl of ground cinnamon.

Song of Songs: A Thread of Scarlet
Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet.
Exotic tuberose, lavender, fresh lime, pomegranate, gardenia, lily
of the valley, heady jasmine, and red currant. Made with organic coconut milk, Tussah silk, golden cocoa butter, and macadamia oil.


Song of Song: Honey and Milk
Honey and milk are under thy tongue.
The scent of honeycomb, sweet cinnamon, cream, emmer, nutmeg, peppercorns, and barley.

Song of Songs: A Thread of Scarlet
Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet.
Exotic tuberose, lavender, fresh lime, pomegranate, gardenia, lily of the valley, heady jasmine, and red currant.

Canada Post strike action update

The union of Postal Workers has opted for a rotating strike action, shutting down operations in just one city at a time for periods of 24 to 48 hours.

We looked at courier options, but unfortunately the quotes were double what shipping with Canada Post costs, and are just not feasible to sustain for a small business likes ours. (i.e.: 15$ to Ontario, 20$ to BC, 37$ to PEI.)

At the moment, we will continue to take orders and ship them out via Canada Post. If you choose to order at this time, please note that there will likely be some delays until the strike ends, and should the union move to a national strike, all mail still in transit will be locked down.

Le syndicat des postiers a opté pour une grève, avec l'arrêt des activités dans une seule ville à la fois pour des périodes de 24 à 48 heures.

Nous avons examiné les options, mais, malheureusement, les citations ont été le double des frais d'expédition avec Postes Canada et sont tout simplement pas abordable pour une petite entreprise comme le nôtre. (Ex:. 15 $ à l'Ontario, 20 $ en Colombie-Britannique, 37 $ à l'Île du Prince Édouard.)

À l'heure actuelle, nous continuerons à prendre les commandes et les expédier par Postes Canada. Si vous choisissez de commander à cette heure, s'il vous plaît noter qu'il y aura probablement des délais jusqu'à ce que la grève se termine, et si le syndicat décide d'éffectuer une grève nationale, tous les colis encore en transit seront arrêté.

April 1, 2011


We are FINALLY enjoying the first signs of spring here in Montreal. Birds! Sunshine! Slightly less mountain-like snow mounds!

Spring, of course, also means spring cleaning - we have a ton of stuff in our Sale section to clear out. =)

Seasonal offerings from Villainess, Arcana, China Glaze and OPI are 20% to 50% off, and the most recent Valentine's day collections are 10% off.

Our gorgeous Arcana scrubs must leave before the summer weather makes shipping them impossible, so they are all discounted 10% to 20% off. Stock up for those scrub-less summer months!


Flat-rate 5$ shipping for all Canadian orders of 45$ and more! Until April 8th, no code needed.

Also, coming this spring...

An exclusive series of perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, a selection of perfumes from Seattle-based Sweet Anthem and beautiful spring/summer collections from all your favorite nail polish brands.

March 18, 2011

Discount Codes!

It's my birthday - and you're celebrating with me. =)

For the next two days (Friday and Saturday) take advantage of these two discount codes:

Spend 45$ (before shipping), and use code bday10 to get 10% off your order!

Or, double up and load up - spend 90$, and use code bday20 to get 20% off your order!

These codes do apply to everything in the store, including sale items. Stock up on the seasonals you love at a steal! Splurge on a few new favorites! Treat yourself to that bigger ticket item you've been eyeing!

March 11, 2011

Sweet Anthem test samples

I've been aware of Sweet Anthem for a little while, since perfumer Meredith started out on Etsy about three years ago. I looked them up recently, and came across their lovely website, with an expanded catalogue and gorgeous design work.

I've since had the opportunity to try a variety of samples, and have been delighted!

These are some of my thoughts on a couple of these fragrances...

Anastasia - Champa absolute, civet, dogwood, fresh snow, green tea, honeysuckle, white patchouli

This is delicately indolic in the opening notes - definitely not one to judge by first impressions. The florals cool under that snowy note, their pungent bite softening into something sweet and pretty. As it dries, it reveals a freshness and very light woodsiness. Don't be afraid of the civet - it's all second-skin, baby musk, nothing feral.

Peter - Black currant, champagne, leather, lemon, matcha tea, patchouli.

Although this bears a man's name, it is a great unisex fragrance. The leather is crisp and in some ways unassuming, despite its center-stage presence. It allows the lighter fruit notes enough room to play, but finds its best partner in the champagne. The effervescence and clarity of that note is a perfect counterpoint to the more somber nature of the leather. Very elegant.

Anita - Moroccan mint, peppermint, pink sugar, turkish mocha, vanilla.

Sweet, edible mint, chocolate and vanilla, sugared up something fierce, with just a tiny hint of coffee - something a bit more stoic and bitter around the edges. Overall this is delectably foody and energetic.

I'm really excited by this brand, and hope to be offering a selection of their perfumes at Pretty Indulgent shortly!

(Oh, and if you're a resident of Seattle, check in at Knows Perfume - Meredith teaches a class there.)

February 24, 2011

Moody Grays

Am I the only one who looks at all these wonderfully moody grays and dusky mauves and immediately thinks of Paris? There's something about this kind of palette that brings to mind the seemingly effortless chic of a certain kind of Parisian woman.

I love these kind of shades, especially as an alternative to "workplace appropriate".

If you're looking for some absolutely gorgeous swatches of these, please check out the reviews on Scrangie and All You Desire. They have the best swatches out there, by far.

Both collections are currently available on our site.

February 22, 2011

Arcana - Shiver Ensemble

The "Shiver Ensemble" is a series of four perfumes that play on the mystery and magic of words, evoking the movement from winter into spring as the cold and darkness falls away to reveal new life. And as a symbol of that life - honey, a note all of these perfumes share.

Shiver Perfume Oil (Limited Edition): An armful of pale flowers: tuberose, royal jasmine, jasmine sambac, white osmanthus, gardenia, muguet, and narcissus; honey, chilled peppermint, and smoky frankincense.

Hiver Perfume Oil (Limited Edition): Ruby grapefruit, French cognac absolute, pink pepper, mirabelle plum, honey, and a drop of aged patchouli.

Hive Perfume Oil (Limited Edition): Honey, wild rose, amber resin, sticky beeswax, milk, and a buzz of rose geranium.

I Perfume Oil (Limited Edition): Rich amber, labdanum, white pepper, black pepper, cognac absolute, honey, cardamom, and red patchouli.

Shiver - I expected to be overwhelmed by the white flowers, or to find the combination of honey and florals too sweet. And this blend is indeed sweet, but not in a remotely cloying way. The lightest touch of mint keeps this a little fresh, and the frankincense grounds it. This becomes a dense, creamy floral that feels as sweet, feminine and cozy as a luxurious white cashmere sweater. Gorgeous, and probably my favorite out of the four.

Hiver - The grapefruit and pepper combine to give this a delightfully astringent top note, that fades into a graceful blend. The patch is a very light note here, supporting the brightness of the plum and restraining any excess the honey might be prone to. The cognac is, to me, undetectable.

Hive - Absolutely beautiful rose and honey blend, with the milk note barely there but softening everything up. It has a faintly "dirty" note that is probably the amber, and keeps this from being too pretty. It feels like something ancient and female, like it would be equally at home on a 1940s vanity as it would anointing a priestess' hands. For someone who doesn't wear rose easily, this is a rose perfume I would reach for without hesitation.

I Perfume - A textured resin blend, that is gentler than I would have expected from the notes. The spices are there, but well balanced by the honey. This dries down, like most resin-heavy perfumes do, to that kind of deep, warm, powdery finish that leaves you snuffling your wrists throughout the day. And if you normally find patchouli too dirty or 'thin', red patchouli will be a pleasant surprise.

All of these are currently available on our site.