November 25, 2010

Time to say thank you....

As our friends below the border celebrate American Thanksgiving, we'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our lovely customers as well. You've made the past few months an absolute delight!

Please enjoy 10% off any order of 40$ and more, with code thanks10. Good from now until that retailpalooza known as Cyber Monday. ;-)

November 11, 2010

Canadian Shipping

We will be upgrading our shipping for Canadian orders to Expedited Parcel, where possible. For example, a package to the Prairies takes about 7 business days. With EP, Canada Post apparently guarantees that it will only be 5 business days.

And we all know that those two days can be endless when you're waiting on a box o' deliciousness. ;-)

Holiday Collections

I'm so excited about the new things coming in this week! Check out our Winter shop for the selection.

We received the China Glaze 'Tis the Season nail polishes earlier this week, and they're already a hit. If you haven't seen swatches for these yet, I highly recommend checking out those featured on All You Desire or Scrangie's blog. A great mix of classic and whimsical shades.

We're also now featuring OPI for sale to our online retail clients, as an extension of our in-house service. We still have a bit of both Burlesque and the Swiss Collection left.

The Villainess winter items are juuuust around the corner. Literally. They're sitting in the Montreal postal sorting center, and I was expecting them to be delivered today, until I realized that all services are closed due to it being Memorial Day. They should, however, be in by tomorrow. If you want to have an advanced peek, they are listed on both the Winter page and the Villainess LE page.

EDIT (Nov. 12): And they're in!

I am personally really looking forward to Just Desserts - it smells like a vaguely malicious Dreamsicle, if soap could have ill intent. ;-)

No teasers yet about the Arcana holiday update, but we'll let you know as soon as we know. =)

November 5, 2010



I just wanted to clear something up. This blog originally started out as a general review blog, under a different name. I then retooled it to be both about things I love, as well as eventually becoming a place to chat about things happening at Pretty Indulgent.

So for example, I posted the other day about the BPAL Inquisition and Halloween sets. That's because I ordered those for myself and thought that they were awesome and wanted to share that, not because I was selling the items.

I'm tagging the non-shop posts with "what I love", to make it clear I'm just talking about products that I personally am a fan of.

Apologies for the confusion!