October 14, 2010

Shipping Changes and New Things For Fall

Canada Post is many things, but inexpensive isn't one of them. We're always looking to bring you guys wonderful, unique products at affordable prices, and working out the shipping has been challenging, to say the least. (Never mind the irony that it's less expensive to ship very light packages to the States, than it is to our neighboring province.)

Please check out the new rates here.

For international orders, please e-mail us for a quote.


In other news, we finally have the fall collections from both Villainess and Arcana! Returning favorites and some new yumminess to indulge in. =)

My personal favorites?

Arcana's Holy Terror (soap and perfume) for its beautiful, heavy resins and beeswax sweetness. EDIT: Wow, we're officially out of Holy Terror soap!

Cobwebs from Villainess - possibly the most gorgeous-looking and seasonally apropos soap ever. It's also available in some experimental sizes and formats - a 2ml corked dram bottle of perfume, and a ceramic candle. This is not a sweet, foody fragrance (which abound in both collections), but rather something that encapsulates the darker aspects of the season.

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