March 11, 2011

Sweet Anthem test samples

I've been aware of Sweet Anthem for a little while, since perfumer Meredith started out on Etsy about three years ago. I looked them up recently, and came across their lovely website, with an expanded catalogue and gorgeous design work.

I've since had the opportunity to try a variety of samples, and have been delighted!

These are some of my thoughts on a couple of these fragrances...

Anastasia - Champa absolute, civet, dogwood, fresh snow, green tea, honeysuckle, white patchouli

This is delicately indolic in the opening notes - definitely not one to judge by first impressions. The florals cool under that snowy note, their pungent bite softening into something sweet and pretty. As it dries, it reveals a freshness and very light woodsiness. Don't be afraid of the civet - it's all second-skin, baby musk, nothing feral.

Peter - Black currant, champagne, leather, lemon, matcha tea, patchouli.

Although this bears a man's name, it is a great unisex fragrance. The leather is crisp and in some ways unassuming, despite its center-stage presence. It allows the lighter fruit notes enough room to play, but finds its best partner in the champagne. The effervescence and clarity of that note is a perfect counterpoint to the more somber nature of the leather. Very elegant.

Anita - Moroccan mint, peppermint, pink sugar, turkish mocha, vanilla.

Sweet, edible mint, chocolate and vanilla, sugared up something fierce, with just a tiny hint of coffee - something a bit more stoic and bitter around the edges. Overall this is delectably foody and energetic.

I'm really excited by this brand, and hope to be offering a selection of their perfumes at Pretty Indulgent shortly!

(Oh, and if you're a resident of Seattle, check in at Knows Perfume - Meredith teaches a class there.)


  1. Lovely packaging. I love the Phaeton font they're using.

  2. I'm a huge fan of SA! Just got my own sampler pack...Rebecca is amazing!