August 25, 2010

Nubar - Indigo Illusion

Nubar has the most splendid duochrome nail polishes, many of which are still part of the general catalogue. One of the absolute best is Indigo Illusion. It is also, unfortunately, discontinued - though I still hold out hope for its eventual re-release. As it is, I cherish my lone little bottle.

Indigo Illusion is the most hypnotically beautiful violet-grey-green-teal shade I've ever seen. It's the perfect color for a Pisces like me, all mutable seascapes. It's also a PITA to photograph. These pictures are the best I could come up with, and they STILL don't capture the complexity.

In the full daylight, you can see the beautifully shimmery violet flash.

Still in daylight, but at an angle where you can see the teal base, without the flash.

Miraculously, you can actually see all the duochrome transition in this picture - from golden-green to violet.

In indirect light, it looks almost like a greyish purple, but you can see the green at the edges.

So complex and gorgeous. Please Nubar, bring this back.

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