April 10, 2010

Stila Precious Pearl Palette

Two things I am a sucker for - palettes and pretty packaging. (Alliteration unintentional, I promise.) So when Stila came out with their Precious Pearl Palette, I was a sucker born and bred. I think I lasted all of a day contemplating whether it was something I needed. The colors are certainly different than a lot of spring-type collections I've seen (and no Kitten!) and the textures varied enough from the usual Stila fare to intrigue me. The inclusion of real crushed pearl seemed interesting as well. But what really hooked me was the absolutely stunning Art Deco packaging.

These swatches were done on bare skin. It gives you an idea of the deep pigmentation and vibrancy of the colors, and, of course, the beautiful shimmer finish provided by the crushed pearl. The texture is a little different from other Stila shadows I've tried in that these don't have that 'dusty' quality that some people have noted. They are very dense in the pan, yet are buttery soft to the touch and pick up very well. They can be sheered out or packed on with equal ease. They apply evenly and richly on the lids, and last.
Although all the colors are beautiful, my favorites are the cream (which looks white in the pan but applies with the loveliest opalescent golden sheen) and the blue, which paired with the pinks in this palette would make for a stunning smoky eye. The green is great as well, a very fresh seafoam shade to liven things up.
I am 100% in love with this palette and can't find a bad thing to say about it.

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