April 4, 2010

I was introduced to the Nubar in the last year, and started salivating almost immediately over both the duochromes and the green polishes. Look at this gorgeousness!

 This is "Greener" from the Going Green collection. 

It is so stunning that I wasn't able to stop ogling my fingers. Every time I looked down I was caught off guard by just how pretty this is. 

This is not just green, it's 
emerald. Or rather, it's a blackened emerald base with very dense, very fine emerald shimmer. From far it looks like one color, but up close you can see the incredible depth that interplay between base and shimmer gives. And the rest of the colors in the collection are just as beautiful and complex. I am more than impressed by the quality and color selection available from Nubar.

And as pretty as the color is, the Diamont top coat really steps it up a notch, providing a high gloss finish that is almost like laying a piece of highly reflective glass on top of your nail. I mean, almost to the point that it makes photography difficult, because of the way it reflects everything. It's intense. It also dries within minutes, and I've had no problems with chipping. It is relatively thick, so you have to apply it fairly quickly and confidently, but it's more than worth it for that lovely gloss finish.

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